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We think farmers deserve more!

85% of what you pay at checkout goes to our producers
compared to only 25 % when you shop at the Supermarket

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For people who work late nights it's a dream to pick up their weekly groceries without having to compromise on quality!

— Lucy, London

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As the first co-working space in Bulgaria we are glad that we are the first location for group orders from farmhopping, project with potential to change globally an entire industry.

— Alexander Mihaylov CEO & Co-founder of betahaus

Buy local food together. Grow your own good food community and enjoy farmers perks.

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They have already created their good food communities:

A Greek Philosophy: Lamb and Feta Stew

Good afternoon farmhoppers! The kitchen is smelling divine here at Seedcamp. As per our introduction to Urbangrains, we have channelled our inspiration and dreams of warmer climates into a tasty and light Greek classic. So, rather than give in to the cold weather all together and reach for the nearest…

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Farmhopping welcomes Urbangrains

As the cold weather starts to creep into London, the farmhopping team are reminiscing about our long gone summer holidays. While we clasp our morning lattes (extra foam for Rossi), memories of perfect beach hair and salty skin are becoming foggy faster than the tube’s windows that carry us to and from…

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We are hungry

Since we have been accepted in Seedcamp our journey has been both tough and inspiring in equal measures. We landed in London on the 05th of September with no place to live, a lean budget and big dreams. The past month has been like a blur, time speeding at a fast pace, trying to prove to the world that…

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Walking around the farmer markets in London

  Ever since our UK team landed in London, we have been feeling overwhelmed with tasty temptations, amazed by this sea of endless opportunities for enthusiastic foodies. There is indeed an amazing and healthy something for every taste waiting around each and every corner, but nothing compares to…

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