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We are a community of small sustainable farms.
Know the story of your food and meet the people who produce it.

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We order via farmhopping every week and we get our order from betahaus, which is the nearest food group to our home.

— Nikolovi, Sofia

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As the first co-working space in Bulgaria we are glad that we are the first location for group orders from farmhopping, project with potential to change globally an entire industry.

— Alexander Mihaylov CEO & Co-founder of betahaus

Buy local food together. Grow your own good food community and enjoy farmers perks.

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Veal Done Right: Just to Make Sure You Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Cooking veal takes more than just intuition, but can’t go without it. Some instructions sure come handy, so do take notes. We start with the logical, though often ignored, golden rule #1 - know where your food comes from. You sure don’t want it travelling 3 continents, frozen for three years.…

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Soul Food @ Sofia Breathes 2014

Sofia breathes again throughout another August. Sofia breathes, sings, laughs, goes out for drinks, cooks, sews and learns crafts, creates something from nothing, with full lungs, crowded to the limit and beyond, full of faces, smiling, loving, excited, distracted and strict. Umbrellas up, sandals on, under…

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On Diversity

Diversity is a very favorite word for our generation, unlike for the generations of the past. They were amazed by standardization and by one-size fits all principles. Any customer could have a car painted any color that he wanted so long as it was black. That sure was efficient and efficiency was the…

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The Good Food Battle

We guess you have already heard about the widely discussed battle between the cook of cooks Jamie Oliver and the king of fast food chains McDonald’s. For those who need a reminder: Jamie has been out to get all those standing in the way of a healthy food movement, and it comes as no surprise that the…

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