My farmhopping - easier, better, faster


After we dedicated the previous newsletter to the buying groups, this week we’ll pay more attention to the new functionalities of the website. Caption 1.Login and registration via Facebook -…

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Share the Story of Your Bag


       We don’t know whether you remember, but last week we talked about shared economy. We planned the topic to be a continuous part of our discussion with you, and this week, we are way more concrete and practical in our advice. We want to give you an example of an actual way in which you can contribute to a better system. If you have collected an order recently, you couldn’t have missed the cute green bad in which you got it. We know how much you liked it, and we are…

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Farmhopping in good company with Airbnb, Snapgoods and Side Car


              We’re going to speak about shared economy. What else could an economy be if not shared? Well, that’s a good question! The idea behind the term is that property is an outdated concept, and it isn’t that cool anymore to have all that many gadgets that you get rid of every month because of the newest trend out there. The tendency is towards finding the most innovative way to get the job done, without all those excessive possessions, or at…

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Meals on Wheels - Our Goodies on the Move


                  When summer comes, the right spot for your lovely dinner counts, sometimes even more than the dinner itself. However amazingly tasty the meal, it could only get better with the refreshing breeze after a hot day under the sun (better yet by the sea coast). If you are short of ideas for the perfect spot, Karavan Kitchen is there for you. You might already know the idea, it definitely wasn’t invented in Bulgaria, but it applies pretty well…

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Countdown Top 10 Summer Choices from farmhopping


Despite the bad weather in June, July is fast approaching and most of us are already in a holiday mood. Armed with sunglasses and sunscreen, we are eagerly taking our beach bags out of the closet, while checking off the last days on the calendar. Where did we hide the cooler and what are we going to fill it with this year? Here are our TOP 10 farmhopping products for an unforgettable summer: 1. If you’ve planned one lazy summer with countless hours spent hiding under the beach umbrella, around the…

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Fresh by the Season - waiting for the right moment


farmhopping is giving you yet another reason to love summer - the joy of ripe fruits and vegetables all around. If you've picked your favourites already and just can't wait any longer, we can prepare you for their imminent arrival. It's no surprise that seasonal foods are the best choice, find out which ones are they and when to keep an eye out for them above.

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An Italian Affair ... with tomatoes


When it comes to la dolce vita and the small pleasures of life, no one would dare question Italy’s expertise in doing it right. However   convinced we might be in our understanding of the cuisine of the land of shoes and boots, their ways are so peculiar that a lifetime isn’t enough to learn to cook like a true Italian. Traditions are passed on from a mother to a son (yes, we aren’t kidding) and long phone instruction sessions are a must for those who have left mamma’s…

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Home made strawberry cheesecake


We are very happy to announce that we received our first recipe from one of you. It was sent by Pavlina Ryzhankova who shared with all of us her favorite dessert - home made strawberry cheesecake. It looks amazing and here is the email and the recipe that Pavlina sent us: Hi all, I'd like to present you my recipe for simple strawberry cheesecake with curd. The recipe doesn't require too much time and skills and the result is really worth it. You can prepare it in a cake shape or in small bowls…

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Family Estate Joy - Piece of Heaven


This week we’ll present to you a magical place that we strongly recommend for you to visit. Family Estate Joy is situated in Gorsko Kosovo in a eco-clean area with no pollution. To help us get deeper into the magic we called Janet, the owner of the Mansion, and this is the story she told us…         “The phrase “family estate” was introduced by the writer Megre in his books about Anastasia. We used it but not in the sense of family as blood…

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Let's cook together


Many of us love to spend time quality time in the kitchen preparing culinary masterpieces to make the people we love happy.  We decided to publish one recipe every week that you have prepared with products from the small farms. Send us one of your favorite recipes which you love to make and we'll publish it in our blog.  And in order for your dish to look even more delicious send us some pictures of the preparing process as well. As a gratitude for your recipe you will receive as a…

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