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What is a Buyer Group

What is a Buyer Group?

This is a group of people who regularly buy food from local farms. Usually, these are people who live or work at the same place and would like to consume quality food from the small farms.

How can I participate?

How does it work?

Farmhopping uses coordinators’ help to let friends and family order healthy food from local farms together.

Every single coordinator is responsible for his own location/locations, where farmhoppers would gather regularly to pick up their products. You can create your buyer group anywhere – at your home, in your office, at the library community centers, at a restaurant, at a café, or even in the backyard.

The coordinator determines how often the supplies take place, the time duration for making an order, the time and date of receiving the package.s This is all described at the buyer group's individual profile.

Why should I join?

There are many reasons to join, but here are some of them:

  • To have access to clean and real food, just as your grandparents used to make it.

  • To receive your preferred products regularly, at a convenient location and at the best prices

  • To share the pleasure of delicious and healthy food with your friends and colleagues

  • To help local production and small farms


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