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Home made strawberry cheesecake


We are very happy to announce that we received our first recipe from one of you. It was sent by Pavlina Ryzhankova who shared with all of us her favorite dessert - home made strawberry cheesecake. It looks amazing and here is the email and the recipe that Pavlina sent us:

Hi all, I'd like to present you my recipe for simple strawberry cheesecake with curd. The recipe doesn't require too much time and skills and the result is really worth it. You can prepare it in a cake shape or in small bowls or cups.

What you'll need

500 gr.  Curd (I used the one from Petrovi farm)

200 ml.  Milk (or creme)

200 gr. Biscuites

500 gr. Strawberries

50 gr. Butter


1 pack of Vanilla

20 gr. Gelatin

As a start I melted the butter on a water bath and added the biscuits. The mixture I put evenly on the bottom of a cake shape. After that I unfolded in water the gelatin and put it on a water bath until it got see-through. In the meantime I mixed the curd with the milk, the sugar and the vanilla.  I used the blender to make half the strawberries into a puree and added little bit of sugar. The rest of the strawberries I added to the curd mixture. I stirred well and poured over the buscuit foundation. The rest I mixed with the gelatin and the strawberry creme and poured it over the curd. The rest of the strawberries I chopped into pieces and used for decoration. I left the cheesecake to rest in the fridge for a couple of hours and here is the final result: