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“I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals” Sir Winston Churchill


source: Google images

Howdy, fellas :) This week we decided to write a series of articles about farm animals we all think we know sooo well.  Actually, I believe, we somehow think there isn`t that much to know :) Not true, you`ll see (OK, read, to be accurate). The idea came to me when we went to visit one of the pioneer farms, a few days ago. As we were walking around the sheds and stables the farmer told us a story on how incredibly intelligent one of his pigs turned out to be. He was sincerely amazed by the fact that the pig clearly recognized him after a long-time-no-see-period. The farmer knew this pig from when it was a little, pinky piggy and then it was given to another farmer and haven`t seen our guy in like 2 years. So when they met again, it did what it used to do when it was just a tiny piglet. It started making a very specific sound the farmer remembered it used to make every time before, when he went to its pigsty.


source: Google images

And there I was, pretty sure that pigs are incredibly stupid, obnoxious animals. The whole digging in the dirt thing just doesn`t fit with the concept of being smart, don`t you agree :) So then I thought to myself, here I`m, surrounded by animals, but what do I actually know about them? As this simple example proved, basically nothing. Logically, this injustice must be corrected, and it will by sharing with you facts about pigs I bet you didn`t know:

  • This is how the animal intelligence list goes: chimpanzees, dolphins, elephants, pigs! Our pinky friends learn tricks faster than dogs, you imagine?
  • And about the specific sound the pig was making – pigs` grunting is proven to be a method of communication. Scientists have identified over 20 vocalizations.
  • When you name a pig, it will be only 1-2 weeks before it starts responding to the name.
  • A baby piglet`s weight doubles for only a week after its birth. That`s how much it eats :) That explains the greedy behavior association, doesn`t it.
  • Quite hard to believe, maybe I have to see it for myself. Pigs are said to be incredible swimmers. Can you picture this fatty body graciously swirling in the water?
  • They have no sweat glands. So this explains the dirt digging routine – since they simply cannot sweat, they have must keep themselves covered in mud to avoid the heat.
  • Another mass culture perception twist: not all pigs have curly tails. Yes, despite the image we grew up with, a pig`s tail can be also kinky or straight.
  • They only use two fingers when walking, although their feet are equipped with four each.
  • An average pig`s orgasm lasts for… 30 minutes. You jelly or what?
  • And for dessert: Pigs are cannibals.

I think that`s just about enough info to fill out those pig blanks for now. Stay tuned for more articles on things about farm animals you didn`t know.