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7 reasons to create a food coop


Who doesn’t like real food and would love to eat it every day? The answer to that question is everybody.

The food coops around the world have been working successfully for the past decades. Now with farmhopping you can create your own cooperative and make yourself and the people around you happy with products that either way you won’t find in the regular shop. Still not convinced? Don’t worry that was just the warm up. Here are my 7 reasons why you should create a cooperative.

1. You will have access to real and fresh food with no preservatives and artificial ingredients - lots of people are traveling hundreds once a month to get to grandma Ginka and buy her home made cheese and luytenitsa for the whole month. But now grandma Ginka’s products can be so close to you, in the closest cooperative or in the case - your coop.


2. You will establish a mini society where people will share not only good food from the small farms but also thoughts, ideas, plans. Or if we put it in two words - you will find new friends.


3. With your food cooperative you will take part in the economical growth by supporting the local production - in order to continue developing their farms your farmers need for their food to get to the people. With your cooperative you make this happen.



4. You will improve your way of life - people have said it “We are what we eat”.

5. You will get to know the farmers and you will learn more about how your food is made. Our farmers are kind and responsive. They are proud with what they are doing and will be happy to tell you the story of how they prepared your yellow cheese from the cow to the box.


6. You will significantly reduce the amount of the shipping costs. By creating your own coop you will have the possibility to cut your shipping costs with more than 50% since you and the people around you will receive your products at the same place.


7. You will be the neighbourhood hero!

Of course it’s up to you to decide if you want your cooperative to be open (so that everyone who wants can join) or closed (only for you and your friends). Let’s share together the joy of sharing. Are you in?