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A Farmhopper`s Story


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Guest blog post by Victor Me and my girlfriend sprang down the front steps of our co-op apartment building bound for the three-block jaunt to the local market.  It was the beginning of the week and, as always, we knew the market’s displays would be jam-packed with lots of fresh products and high-quality vegetables and fruits, including two of our weekly favorites – oranges and honey. We discovered the locally-owned market a few weeks after we moved into the city. Everyone talked about the freshness of the produce there, the wide selection of food items that were seemingly-impossible to find at any big grocer chain, and the friendliness of the market owner. It was on one of our very first visits to this local market that we learned, from this owner, just how far-reaching and significant are patronage was ~ not only to his business, but also to sustainable farms throughout the world. Though we always opted to support the small business owner, were nature-friendly, and ever-strove to be part of the solution to many of our environment’s problems, we never realized just how much we could profoundly impact our environment until that conversation with that market owner. We discovered that although we didn’t have the physical space for our own sustainable farm or the expertise to operate one successfully,  we still could be advocates for sustainable farming. Through are choices, actions, and financial support, we could actually be an integral part of the daily life of sustainable farmers  - all without ever physically leaving our home in the city. We could become farmhoppers. And, that’s exactly what we did. Through the use of 21st century technology, we are able to connect with disparate farmers from all over the world. After reviewing the methods of production and the goals of various sustainable farmers throughout the world, we chose three farms to become members of ~ a horse farm, a bee hive farm, and an orange grove farm. All three – geographically worlds apart, are an integral part of our daily world right here in the city. And we can’t wait to receive produce! Through our financial commitment, we will help our chosen sustainable farmers to continue to operate their farms in an environment-friendly way. Through our commitment of time, we will be able to communicate with our chosen farmers and stay updated on their daily endeavors. Today, enjoying that fresh orange or jar of honey means so much more than it ever did. And so we have vicariously become successful sustainable farmers!