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All Fruits to the Jars!


Now that autumn has descended over us with certainty, it might be time to rethink not just our wardrobe, but also our menu. Eating by the season might seem less convenient than filling your basket with the year-round, symmetrically-shaped tomatoes at the supermarket, but it sure is tastier, natural, better for your health and for local economy. 

Nature, once again, does the right thing by providing us with a varying menu. Diversity is there because everything in nature has its purpose and its exact place. All the greens that come sprouting in spring exist to cleanse our body from all the toxics that piled up during the winter. And the heavier meals we tend to eat in the cold seasons are once again a response to our body’s need to survive through the cold months. So yes, nature is our best dietologist, and the closer we follow its exact prescriptions (which are an optimal combination of vitamins with natural and weather conditions in mind), the healthier we will be.

If we don’t eat by the season, chances are we are giving up on organic and choosing vegetables that have travelled for miles, got harvested too early to get all the nutrients they needed, got treated with chemicals to survive the trip, only to finish in your kitchen at the other end of the world.

Not only is this unhealthy, but it also is uneconomical. Seasonal fruit and veggies cost less, and should you find an inexpensive peach in the supermarket in December, don’t trust it! Peaches were never meant to end in a plastic bag, going in predefined groups of four, all the same size and shape, no dirt on, and tasting just like the “apples” from the neighboring shelf. And you definitely weren’t meant to eat “fresh” peaches in October.

So don’t trust the “great looking” peaches they offer you now, cuz they are no good. If we only had a more natural food system, seasonal would always cost less and be tastier. If you see any discrepancies around, that would be because you haven’t had the chance to support a farmer yet. Be a gardener, grow your own food, or if you don’t have the time, find a farmers market around you, give your money for the good cause and eat healthy.

Eating local and seasonal equals supporting local farmers, who are our special agents in reforming the good system and in making it work for us all.

So yes, it is now time for most of the fruit to end up in jars. We bet you won’t say no to jams and chutneys from organic fruit, soon to be on our online farmers market.