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Anna Mullenneaux on farmhopping


The following is a guest post by Anna Mullenneaux As a student of permaculture and a fan of food self sufficiency for individuals and communities I think that farmhopping is a brilliant solution to a complicated and important issue. Not only will it get more people involved in small, sustainable farms, it will educate them and spark many conversations which will branch out and bring more people into the debate over how to support and fund sustainable farming. Anna's house I connected with Rossi Mitova in my role as Chief Match Maker for Pimp My Cause, an open web platform that connects good causes with marketing volunteers. We currently support over 560 charities and social ventures, all of which are looking for ways to get their message out there and gain more funding and influence. The causes that succeed in getting volunteers to support them and individuals to fund them are the causes that make a bold statement with not just their branding, but with their whole concept. Causes that intrigue people with their names like Bikes to Rwanda and FoodCycle grab our marketers' attention, speak to their passion and make them want to do what they can to help them succeed. farmhopping does the same. Immediately after hearing the name I wanted to learn more and get involved. Pimp My Cause Logo farmhopping has already received a good deal of marketing support from one of our members, Edwina Mullins, and we hope to get other marketers involved as needed over time. But I also look forward to getting involved as an individual. A networked approach to sustainable farming has never been tried like this before and I think that it's potential is extremely exciting. farmhopping is giving the opportunity to make farmers out of us all.