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Hello there! Excited about the 1st of March? Well, we definitely are. Baba Marta is a holiday we are so much looking forward to! For all the reasons previously explained :) but also for this special promise of a spring in the air… soon, so soon it will be warm outside, trees will be in leaf, finally, the new life will begin.

shutterstock_71000707 This is also the moment our dear Bulgarian partners, the sustainable farmers, are awaiting with great impatience. After the long and hard winter most of them are exhausted, the animals are tired and weak, forage is almost finished… you get the picture. So, no wonder Baba Marta is their favorite of all holidays, marking the beginning of spring, the season when everything comes back to life. And what is farming about if not celebrating life? This is exactly why they have decided to share the holiday with you – their supporters. As farmhopping is all about connecting farmers and their supporters, it`s only natural you celebrate together :) On the picture below is the lovely present you will get if only support a Bulgarian farm to celebrate Baba Marta together. DSC05358 And, last but not the least, here: you can find some beautiful ideas on how to make your own martentisa or decorate your home in red and white for the holiday :) So why not join us on such a wonderful occasion, celebrating spring, fruitfulness, new beginning of life?