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Back to School


farmhopping wishes a great start of the school year to all the little farmhoppers out there. We use the occasion to turn to their caring mothers, hoping this 15th of September marks a better start - one that is greener, healthier and more sustainable.

There is nothing worse than peer pressure. What power does a mother have to fight with the temptations of the chocolate bars, shiny wrappers and one-meter-long chewing gums. At least that’s what was hip during our childhood, who knows what’s out there these days. Not that we don’t like any of those, and not that we don’t pick ice-cream over a pear for dessert every now and then. Not that we’ll hide our kids away from all those sweet temptations for as long as we can. A sweet childhood can hardly go without some tasty treats, yet it need not be every day and every meal. So let’s teach the little ones, as early as we can, that an apple, some mango, or dried aronia berries are an alternatives, and maybe even the better one. And since we started transforming habits anyways, why not install some recycling bins in every school. Colorful and fun if possible, so that the kids can come up with funny games with them.

We might find it hard to change some of our bad habits, but the little ones have a lifetime to build betters ones. After all, it will be them to suffer from the shortcomings of the unsustainable world we have build for them. Or it will be them to turn it upside down and follow a better road.