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Several ideas on reducing the amount of clothes you buy


Hello, hello, another sunny Wednesday it is, and here is another sunny article from dearest me :) Following the last two posts on sustainable clothing, today I will tell you a little bit more on the subject, but this time will explore it in detail. The detail of reduce, that is; under the accordance of sustainability, and how clothing can uphold the principle of the “Three R’s of the Environment”: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Because, you will all agree, no point in buying organic fabrics and throwing them away, right? When it comes to clothing, the first thing in any environmental conscious person`s mind should be how to reduce the quantity of items he or she buys; naturally, I mean without compromising fashion or the need to refresh the wardrobe once in a while. So here are some useful ideas. Recycled fashion has become a hot thing, actually. So take advantage of that and look up the designers who produce such collections. Visit the shows, pick your favorite creators and from there on stay informed when the next collection is coming out so as to plan accordingly for the upcoming season.


Thrift stores have been a fashion destination for a while, now; long gone are the days those were considered only for the poor or tasteless. Nowadays there are literally thousands of stores offering everything, from confection to high end fashion, so look for one that fits your personal style. Buying items from there will not only ease your conscious, but also very much reduce the overall amount you spend on your wardrobe. If you do not feel like wearing a stranger`s used (in most cases, although every once in a while it so happens to find a brand new, never worn, all the original labels still there piece of clothing in the thrift store and it is beautiful, rewarding feeling) clothes, well, then, there is a solution and you will still be on the sustainable side :) Organize a reuse fashion event with your friends, simple as that. Let everyone bring the clothes they don`t wear anymore and swap. It`s a win-win, guaranteed. As a matter of fact a friend of mine came up with that idea couple of years ago and today she owns a very successful business: here you can check out Sedgwick shop`s hot offers.


Find a repair store and make bringing damaged clothes there a routine. We`ve all had one or two shameful experiences when just a broken zipper has made us throw out an otherwise absolutely fine dress, but, hey, it`s all about learning from mistakes, isn’t it? Besides, darning socks or sewing a ripped seam are things you can easily do yourself and thus prolong the life of clothing substantially. Speaking of prolonging, the best you can do is actually buy high quality clothing; even if it seems more expensive at first, in the long run it`s proven to be on contrary. Also take good care of your beloved items by strictly following the manufacturer`s care instructions. Doing so will certainly extend their life.


And last but not the least, do not dry clean or dry your clothes. Dry cleaning is hazardous to the environment and the need for it can be simply avoided by bying fabrics that do not require it. Dryers use up tons of energy that can be so easily saved by air-drying your clothes: use a rack, the whole load it dries overnight ;)