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Community Gardening: A Taste of the Farm Life to the City


When a few friends and neighbors approached a local school about a temporary use for some vacant land, it benefited the entire community. That’s what happened in a Sacramento neighborhood and it brought a taste of the farm life to the city. Community_Gardening_Photo On that land, they developed a community garden. There was not a lot of planning about what they were going to plant and where. They just did it. No chemicals were used to kill weeds or pests; the produce was raised organically, through good soil and water, and much tender care. Recoonect_Nature A variety of people came and cared for the garden as they were available. And, they were raising so much that they had more than enough for the families involved. So, they decided to offer some of the freshly-grown products to anyone who was interested. They didn’t charge much and the nominal funds raised went to the school. Child_Gardening This can be done in almost any community. You can do it where you live. Yes, you :) All you need is to locate a piece of land. It can be leased and perhaps for as little as the cost of insurance. There are many properties in many cities that can use the upgrade from being utilized. Farmhopping_Generic_Ad Look around your community. Find like-minded individuals who want fresh, healthy food for their tables and that may have a little extra time to make it happen. The whole area can benefit from a little farm life!