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Countdown Top 10 Summer Choices from farmhopping


Despite the bad weather in June, July is fast approaching and most of us are already in a holiday mood. Armed with sunglasses and sunscreen, we are eagerly taking our beach bags out of the closet, while checking off the last days on the calendar. Where did we hide the cooler and what are we going to fill it with this year? Here are our TOP 10 farmhopping products for an unforgettable summer:

1. If you’ve planned one lazy summer with countless hours spent hiding under the beach umbrella, around the beach bar, lounging on the beach towel... you can easily freshen up with some red or white cherries from the Delicious Cherry Farm. Maybe this can help boost your energy enough to take a walk on the shore...?

2.    Summer → fish, it IS as simple as that. The fresh choice is trout Siven from The Monastery.

3.    On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the mountains and love long walks, reward yourself with ground beef from Chiflicite to turn your barbecue by the stream into a culinary masterpiece.

4.  If you're among those helpful grandkids who loved helping their families pick chokeberries (boy, that’s a specific one but you know what we mean), bring the memories back with the tangy taste of chokeberry juice from the Aroniada farm near Rousse.

5.    Those girls who are worried about their looks in bikini can benefit from the nourishing power of honey from Gramada farm near Kresna. Early in the morning with just a cup of hot water and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

6.    Snowballing on top of our first beauty trend, a mask with fresh yogurt and honey is a perfect way to re-hydrate your skin after sunbathing.

7.    For those of you who haven’t stopped criss-crossing the beaches, the festivals and summer concerts, we have an energy survival kit for you. Try the buffalo sausage from Bivolofermata near Rousse - it will give you so much power that even the Duracell bunny will envy you.

8.    And let's not forget there are students who are still buried under the books. If the sweets from the regular exam session just didn’t cut it, try hazelnut tahini from Trundevi farm (it tastes just like homemade Nutella!).

9.  And because we can’t really help it, we can all recall those fond childhood memories from the house in the village, when your grandparents invited you to dinner with watermelon, bread and cheese. Relive the dream, get some feta from Petrovi farm and start up the tradition once again.

10.  If you are still dreaming of a summer nap on the beach, you can try our elderflower cordial instead of plain water. It is just… fresh.

If you think that our little hints are not enough and you want to unleash your imagination, you can still visit the farmhopping webpage and play around with your own TOP 10.