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Does believing make us fools?


Green_future_Wallpaper_n3w7Image credits: here

Dears! We are pleased to share with you the amazing news we just heard. What seemed like just another regular day on the internet suddenly turned into maybe the best ever. As usual, one of the first browsing stops was the For a Better World Foundation Official Site. And there it was, the most important press release of our lifetime! It announced the results of this year`s Worldwide Governmental Meeting, that was just held in Brussels. So, here is what is going to happen:
  • All governmental buildings will become passive buildings
  • Gardens will be planted on all of their roofs
  • All governmental vehicles will be ran in biodiesel
  • Every citizen with income above the average for the country will have to donate 1/15 of it for a green cause of their choice
  • In all cities, not just the capitals, new trees will be planted; city architecture permitting
  • Within 6 months, every major city must have at least 1 learning farm for every 10, 000 citizens. Meaning, many, many farms must be found and open to public trainings on closer-to-nature practices
  • All cars older than 20 years will get free biodiesel engines
  • 1/25 of the annual budget of every developed or developing country`s annual budget will go for installing free water saving devices in all households
  • Same goes for providing free energy saving bulbs
  • Starting May, special committees will be formed, so as to ensure proper training on sustainable living in the cities. They will organize free workshops every weekend until late September
  • The world`s richest people have agreed to donate 1/3 of their wealth to sustainable agriculture and farming implementation worldwide
  • Effective immediately, all GMO are declared illegal
These are just the highlights. And does believing that all or at least half of that will someday be true make us fools? If yes, then this is what we are, fools. But we won`t stop believing. Happy April Fool`s Day, dear!