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Easter recipes (part 2)


This week we'll continue giving you ideas for your Easter dishes and hopefuly some of them end up on your table.  Enjoy!

Lamb soup with fresh onion and spinach


What you’ll need:

Lamb meat – 300-400g


Butter – 100g

Spinach – 500g

Fresh onion – one bunch

Flour – 1 soup spoon

Paprika – 1 tea spoon

Mashed tomatoes – 1 soup spoon

Yogurt – 1 tea cup

Egg -1

Pepper, Parsley, Mint

How to prepare:

Chop the meat into pieces, add it to cold water and let it boil. When it boils up, remove the foam and add some salt.

Clean the spinach and wash it well. Blanch it for 1-2 minutes, strain it off and chop it. Add it to the lamb meat.

Slice the onion and fry with the butter. When it turns golden, add the flour. Add the pepper and the mashed tomatoes. Stir everything together and pour it into the soup.

When the meat is cooked, bind the soup with the egg and the yogurt.  Spread on mint, pepper and parsley.


Grilled lamb meat with yogurt


What you’ll need:


Lamb meat – 800g

Onion – 4 bulbs

Yogurt – 2 tea cups

Oil – 2 soup spoons

Eggs – 4

Paprika – 1 tea spoon

Butter – 30g

Parsley, Pepper, Salt

How to prepare:

Chop the meat into big pieces and fry it in hot oil for 15 minutes. Add the chopped onion, and fry for 10 more minutes.  Flavor with pepper and pour 1 tea cup of hot water. Spread on parsley, pepper and salt and transfer the kebap into clay pot. If you are fond of tomatoes, you can add chopped tomato or 1-2 soup spoons mashed tomatoes.

Lid it and boil for 40 minutes. Meanwhile mix the yogurt and the eggs. Add them to the dish, when the meat is cooked and bake it until it gets a pink crust.

Right before you serve it pour it with hot butter, seasoned it with pepper and chopped parsley.