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Easter recipes (part 3)


We continue with our suggestions for your Easter menu.  And this time we have prepared not two but three recipes for your! Are you ready to get all covered up in flour and make the best Easter cake ever? The best ones are those you make at home and with one special ingredient - love. Also we have prepared two new lamb recipes so that you have a lot of options for your menu this year. In order to enjoy the great taste and home made dishes, you can improve the recipes using products from our farms.


Home made Easter cake


What you will need:

  • 1 kg Easter cake flour
  • 1 cube yeast
  • 200 ml milk
  • 2 t.c sugar
  • ½ t.c oil
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 t.c raisins
  • 1 t.c walnuts

        If you wish you can make the stuffing with chocolate or your favourite jam

  • 1 lemon

How to prepare it: 

Pour the milk in a bowl and add the yeast, one spoon of sugar and two spoons of flour. Let the yeast to rise for 15-20 minutes. While waiting, break the eggs in another bowl, and mix it with the sugar and the lemon peel. Stir till the sugar is dissolved.

Sift out the flour at least once. It is good to sift the flour out, because it improves the Easter cake’s taste and texture. Add to the flour, the risen yeast and the egg mixture. Stir well and start kneading the dough for 15-20 minutes. Sip the oil on small portions, so the dough gets soft. After that beat it at least 100 times on the table. Then place in an oiled pot, and leave it for 45-60 minutes, or until it doubles its size.

Now decide what shape you want your Easter cake to have. If you want it to be in the shape of braid, cut the dough in three equal pieces and  roll them out. Stuff them with walnuts and raisins and roll it. Then braid the pieces together. Another way is to roll out the whole dough, stuff it again with raisins and walnuts, roll it and place in a tin, which will give shape to the Easter cake.

All you need is imagination and a nice tin.

After the cake is stuffer, and place in the tin, let it rise again for a hour. Spread on top the Easter cake yolk, dust  a lot of  sugar and bake on 200 degrees for 45 minutes.


Lamb stew with spinach


What you will need:

  • lamb meat - 800 g
  • spinach - 800 g
  • fresh onion - 2 bunches
  • oil - 1 soup spoon
  • flour - 1 soup spoon
  • salt
  • Yogurt

How to preprare it: 

Clean and lamb meat, chop it into pieces and salt it. Put it in a pot with water, just to cover it. Let it boil until the water is almost vapourised. Add the chopped fresh onion and the oil. Put the lid on and let it cook.

Wash and clean the spinach. Chop it in to stripes and mix it with the dish. Don’t forget to stir it with wooden spoon from time to time, so that it doesn’t burn.

When the spinach is completely soft, add hot water. Bake the flour, stir it with little bit water and add it to the stew. Salt it and remove from the stove.


Lamb meatballs with yogurt


What you will need:

  • lamb meat - 500 g
  • yogurt - 2 soup spoons
  • bread-crumbs - 3 soup spoons
  • eggs - 2
  • oil - to fry with
  • pepper
  • salt

How to prepare it:

Hash the lamb meat in blender or chopper. Then mix it with the eggs, yogurt, bread-crumbs and the herbs. Here comes the fun part - make small balls with your hands  from  the mixture and fry them until they turn goldish. Serve with green salad and a smile!

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the feast!