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Edge Soft - the birth of cooperatives


Edge Soft is a web and mobile studio founded in 2007.


They are located on the 8th floor in a big business building close to the Joliot Curie metro station. The first time I stepped into the office I was touched by the wonderful atmosphere that you were instantly drawn into. The sunlight coming from the big window from which you could see the city and the design of the office itself  - so clean, bright and inspiring were in perfect unison. In addition to that you could sense the high professional spirit in every detail.


And this professionalism was what impressed us the most when we first met and with this professionalism together we created the current vision of our platform.


The young people in the Edge Soft team have specialised in web technologies and mobile technologies, SEO and online marketing. To support this characteristics there is whole sea of ideas, initiatives and determination that put a new way in looking at the work process.

In the company they are strongly following the philosophy of philanthropy and the care for the environment. They take part in a lot of initiatives connected with charity, eco policy and caring for their employees. All of these activities are implemented by the founders of the company - Orlin and Alex. Ambitious and ready to stand for what they believe in they put the fundamentals of the corporate structure of tomorrow.  


Their charity activities are pointed at supporting important causes such as Insport - the youth sports news portal; Druzhba association - Sofia; Citizens of Green Sofia; The community of the Sofia’s citizens and ASA Bulgaria.  

If you have the chance to visit the company you will notice that they are huge supporters of the “green” policy - they are very careful when printing paper - if you can save a paper you always save it, they walk to work or ride the bike or use public transportation. They are engaged with a lot of eco initiatives and cooperate with eco-friendly organisations.  

No wonder they embraced the idea so quickly and made their office a farmhopping cooperative. After all they are people who love nature, respect the traditions and have a vision for the future. And if it wasn’t for their help the cooperatives wouldn’t look the way they do. We had the ideas and the endless enthusiasm but their technical power and creative thought turned them into virtual reality.

Edge Soft, thank you!