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shutterstock_131856788 Happy, happy Friday to all :) Have you heard the joke about the two planets, they meet up and the first one goes How are you, what`s up and the other one goes like Well, I got a severe case of humans! They are crawling all over me! It’s getting worse and worse. So the first planet goes Oh, nothing to worry about, they will disappear by themselves!

I guess you have, of not, well, here it is. Since today I want to tell you a bit more about the upcoming Earth Day, April 22nd, it was just impossible not to think of the joke. A lady I and not, not only, deeply respect, used to tell it very often. . That lady is called Magi Maleeva and she is the owner of the first organic food line in Bulgaria, Harmonica. I will keep doing that, until people start realizing what harm they are causing our planet, she used to say. It`s obvious to everyone in their right mind that most people haven`t come to that conclusion just yet. This is why holidays like Earth Day are so important – worldwide population behavior day after day proves that they need a reminder of how important protecting the environment is. And this is just what Earth Day`s purpose is. Pioneered in 1969 at an UNESCO conference, Earth Day is observed annually on April 22nd by events held worldwide to support environmental protection. Initially it was focused on the United States, but it was taken international in 1990.

shutterstock_127446440 I don`t know how your city will participate this year, but here are some top of mind ideas on what you yourself might do to celebrate our planet`s special day:

  • Give up plastic bags, finally buy one of those big, reusable ones
  • No more hot water programs for laundry, it`s a total waste
  • While on the subject, forget the dryer. What`s wrong with good old-fashioned air and sun?
  • Put a 1.5 l plastic bottle, full of water, inside the toilet tank. This way every time you flush you`ll be using much less water
  • Do you really need paper towels – next time just wipe up the spill with a reusable cloth
  • Participate in a tree planting initiative
  • Donate your old household items, instead of dumping them in the trash
Together with your children go through all their clothes and toys. Those that are of no use to you anymore give to kids who need them – this way you are teaching your children two valuable lessons, about giving to others and reusing. And, remember – every day is a good day to start Earth Day practices. No need to wait for April 22nd :) And always sing along with the official Earth Day anthem: Joyful joyful we adore our Earth in all its wonderment Simple gifts of nature that all join into a paradise Now we must resolve to protect her Show her our love throughout all time With our gentle hand and touch We make our home a newborn world
Now we must resolve to protect her Show her our love throughout all time With our gentle hand and touch We make our home a newborn world