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Family Estate Joy - Piece of Heaven


This week we’ll present to you a magical place that we strongly recommend for you to visit. Family Estate Joy is situated in Gorsko Kosovo in a eco-clean area with no pollution. To help us get deeper into the magic we called Janet, the owner of the Mansion, and this is the story she told us…





“The phrase “family estate” was introduced by the writer Megre in his books about Anastasia. We used it but not in the sense of family as blood related but more like connected by spirit - it’s for people who are aiming towards the same goals with similar values, respect for the nature, the healthy way of living and themselves. The final goal, the dream, is to gather a small group of people who would live together in the village where the air is fresh and the place is clean, to produce most of our food on our own - clean with no artificial ingredients and chemicals and most of all help each other.”

Lots of people visit the estate and stay between one week and 6 months. But the main occupants are four - two kids and two adults. Janet is the owner of the estate. She has graduated Economics and have been writing esoteric literature. She has spent lots of years abroad but at the end she returned to her homeland to live among the beauty of our nature. Hristo is the other owner - he is committed to the nature and everything that is connected with it. Horses are his passion and his abilities are in everything that is done with heart and hands.

The estate has it’s own principles and requirements that guarantee the harmony and understanding. “Our rule is “no alcohol, cigarettes and meat”.  This stops a lot of people to come here but we are very strict with this and we make no compromise. We strongly believe in the good example we give to our children. We want to give them a clean environment - physically and emotionally and we do our best”, says Janet.






In order to be able to greet more and more people Janet and Hristo have made several seminar halls which they land to people. Very often the halls are busy with different kinds of seminars all of which are oriented towards alternative living - joga, non-violent communication, alternative eating, organic farming, numerology etc.

What you will experience in the Family Estate Joy will be like a small holiday because of all the fun and interesting things you will have the chance to do, but most of all because of the warmth of the people who will greet you, accommodate you and become your friends.