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About George, the lamb and the Wild farm



Imagine this - it’s May and it’s warm outside, you are sitting at the outdoor table and you feel the last rays of light on your face. You breath in deeply - here the air is clean and fresh, you are surrounded by friends and family and all of them are eagerly preparing everything for the dinner. Next to you just one foot away is the lamb over the fire and in the air you can smell the delicious aroma. And somewhere very close to you you listen how George gives a toast.

I don’t know about you but I definitely carried myself to that lovely village in Madzharovo where the picture I just described to you happens every year.

That’s right, the place i am talking about is the Wild far. Maybe you wonder what is it so wild about it. Well it’s many things, I will respond to you. It’s the place that is high in the mountains, it’s the people who know the nature so well but most of all it’s the animals who run free at the pastures.

What is so special about them? They are organic certified farm that takes care of animals and feed them nothing but natural food. They fight to preserve the unique and endangered while practicing sustainable and nature-friendly farming. You have the opportunity to be their guest and see from first hand the old traditions in livestock breeding, honey gathering and many other everyday activities that are part of the bulgarian traditional life.

St. George’s day is coming when the lamb you shared with friends is priceless. That’s why we are giving you the opportunity to share the pleasure of the holiday by choosing the lamb from the Wild farm. The mothers are raised at the big pastures during the whole year where they graze from the fresh grass. The little lambs are also free to run on the pasture and drink only milk but sometimes if they want they also steal some of the fresh green grass. The crystal air and the bright sun help them grow strong and healthy. You probably have your speacial secret lamb recipe that is well kept (if you don’t feel free to try some of ours) but with the lambs from the Wild farm you will amaze your family and yur guests! Light and delicious in combination with good company and good wine, your holiday will be one of a kind!