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Fresh salad with cheese, spinach and walnuts


Hello, farmhoppers!
Winter is almost gone and it is time to prepare ourselves for warmer days! Now it’s getting easier for you to find the fresh fruits and vegetables that you missed so much the whole winter, so  we can speed up the process towards spring emotions! Here is a small suggestion for simple, detox and delicious salad. 

Spinach salad with baked cheese and walnuts:

Ingredients needed 

1kg fresh spinach
100g white cheese
70g walnuts
1 pinch salt
2 tea spoon olive oil
1 tea spoon lemon juice 
2 sticks of fresh garlic
1 apple 

How to prepare it?
Chop the cheese into square pieces and bake it in a frying pan with a non sticky bottom. Wash the spinach and blanch it for 1 minute. Strain it off and mixed it with the chopped apple and the chopped fresh garlic. Finally add the olive oil, lemon juice and crushed walnuts. 
Stir everything together and serve with a smile!

Author: Elena Ivanova