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Glad tidings on the Feast of Annunciation


One of the brightest holidays celebrated exactly nine months before the Birth of Christ. Legend relates that on the 25th day of March , the Archangel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary for the birth of the Savior. She was blessed among women and she was destined to be the mother of the God's son. That is why this day is also a celebration of the mother.

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I admit I didn't  know much about this holiday until recently , but it appears that it's associated with some of the most interesting legends in our folklore . For example, on this day people wear their new clothes  and they put on the festive table fish, ritual bread , honey and Luchnik( onion bread) . Young girls for the first time knead bread with honey and then give it to neighbors and relatives. According to the grandmas when the Feast of  Annunciation comes, you should get something  green. People  prepare soup of fresh nettle  and arrange vegetables in the middle of the table . Green is associated with the onset of spring - everything blooms and comes to life .

For maidens this day is also very important . Girls can find out if this year they will get married by putting tulips in water. If the tulips blossom by the end of the third day , this means that by the end of the year the girl will become a bride . So ladies, if you want to refresh your interior on this day , and have a little glimpse into the future, tulips are your flowers today. :)

On what you do during the day depends how your whole year will go by. So today is probably the best day to do everything you've been putting off . On this day it's not good to sleep till late ,because if you hear a cuckoo while you're in bed you'll get sick . However, if you accidentally hurt yourself on this day  the wounds will heal very quickly. For this reason on this day girls get their ears pierced and people mark their animals.

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On Annunciation if you see a flying stork you will be blessed throughout the year. We suggest on that day to take nice walks and to look actively.  Against the evil eye people do knot on a belt or headscarf , which does not get untied for a year.

On this day people pay great attention to snakes . According to folk beliefs , the snake is a beloved animal - it's clever and wise , but along with that is avoided since it portends death.On Annunciation if a  snake crawls someone's clothes, he will gain great riches , if the man is sick he will recover.

Annunciation comes along with many beliefs. But it is one of the most interesting holidays in the calendar. I don't know about you, but I'm going to buy some tulips next week.

by Militsa Tsvetkova