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Hey, guys, me again The last two posts on how to be on the green side when it comes to sun protection and cosmetics in general might have given you some good ideas how to be absolutely glamorous this summer. But, that`s just step one. Step two is how to spend a memorable holiday with that glamorousness of yours? Memorable in the context of this blog should stand for as green as possible, so I will offer you some tips to green your holiday. Trust me, you will feel so much better about yourself knowing that after your sacred free days are over not only yourself has had a break, but also the planet.
Start with the pre-holiday phase. Instead of shopping like crazy for new beach-, party-, seduction-of-any-kind wear, go again through the many clothes you already own. Are you that sure they are no good? Maybe just a few new combinations you haven`t tried before will do the trick and you will find yourself feeling like as if you have bought new outfits.
  • If you absolutely must go shopping, at the very least go for organic cotton and, preferably, fair trade clothing and jewelries. Think twice before shopping to avoid purchasing unnecessary items and cause wastage.
  • Needless to mention even, bring your own bags to reduce consumption of plastic ones.
  • Before departure, turn off or turn down your heating or air conditioning system. It`s a win-win: saves you money and is good for the environment.
  • Unplug electronic appliances, such as TVs, radios and computers as these can use up to 40 Watts per hour, even if they are not used.
  • Reduce paper waste by temporarily canceling your newspaper subscription.
  • Travelling by car or plane, save some fuel. How?Simply by packing light – the heavier the load, the more fuel is used.
  • Once you get to your dream accommodation, ask to only change your towels and bed linen on your request.
  • Walk, bike, use public transport as much as possible. You have all the rest of the year to rush around in cabs, now it time to relax and take it slow
  • Just as the ones in your home, electric appliances in your hotel room are using up energy even when not used. So, unplug those you won`t be using.
  • We all love the gift shopping! But please be ecoconscious and instead of going into that big shiny shop try looking for sustainable souvenirs: handmade by local people, from natural materials.
Once you get back home, compensate your carbon offset. It is very easy to calculate it and compensate by planting trees, for instance. Look for a specialized program, there are tons.