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Join and Support Our Pioneer Farms


Surviving on the market as a small sustainable farm takes a lot of skill, effort and funds. Small farms face many obstacles along their way such as competing with factory farming and building sustainability in an over-consuming world.
 However, there is an increasing trend in the society for supporting small local farms, demanding for better food quality and consciousness about the food’s origin and methods of production. More and more people out there have realized the potential of sustainable local farming and the benefits it can bring to society as a counterpoint to the huge problems caused by corporate factory farming. Those people are ready to help and give their support to responsible farmers. Here is the good news! If you can’t wait for farmhopping to launch with full functionality (when farmers will be able to create their farm’s profile and when farmhoppers will be able to join our farms!) at the end of December, you can join us now! How? By becoming or supporting a pioneer farm. Becoming a Pioneer Farm: you can become one of our pioneer farms, so that your farm profile will be already on our platform for our official launch in December! This is a great opportunity to receive all the special attention associated with our launch and be always remembered as our pioneers! To read more on how to become one of our pioneer farms click here. Supporting a Pioneer Farm: Each week until our launch we will feature each of our pioneer farms on our blog! This way you can learn more about our pioneers and most importantly you can show your support by commenting and sharing the posts. If you find a farm you would like to join please email us on to express your interest. Subscribe to our blog, so you can follow all of our great pioneer farms. This way you will be sure you won't miss any of them! Happy farmhopping! The farmhopping Team