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Meals on Wheels - Our Goodies on the Move


                  When summer comes, the right spot for your lovely dinner counts, sometimes even more than the dinner itself. However amazingly tasty the meal, it could only get better with the refreshing breeze after a hot day under the sun (better yet by the sea coast). If you are short of ideas for the perfect spot, Karavan Kitchen is there for you. You might already know the idea, it definitely wasn’t invented in Bulgaria, but it applies pretty well to our climate. With Karavan Kitchen, the hassle around choosing the right place is on them, and it is always chosen with great care. The idea around A Saturday Something, the events they organize as often as they can, is that cooking doesn’t have to be constrained by the boundaries of the indoors, or by any boundaries whatsoever. The outdoors, the clean air and the energy from the setting sun allow for creativity and ingenious culinary inventions. After all, when it comes to playing with all senses, chefs are quite the experts, and that summer breeze is part of the menu.                                                              Speaking of the right mix, the ingredients cannot not play a role, so our good friend and Karavan’s chef Rory did right as he chose our fresh products. He filled the bags to the limit (they were so heavy that he struggled taking them with him).This time, the kitchen on the run stopped in Bar Goblet, and our products were the center of attention, perfectly playing the main course role (tempting sausages from Chiflitsite with homemade sauerkraut and BBQ hamburger slider with meat coming from the same destination, of course). We did not miss the occasion to load Rory’s bags with some fresh veggies and the obligatory cheese. The round of applause, though, went for the sausages (at least that’s what Rory said as he hurried to call us right after the event). We hope we convinced you, but if you are anywhere around, you should go see for yourself. Predictions say the Saturday is this Saturday, but you should just go ahead and check out Karavan Kitchen’s facebook page for more accurate updates. Or if you trust your skills better, try those sausages on your own barbeque with a beer or two and a bunch of close friends.