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Meet ... Farm Elite


Close to Veliko Tarnovo in a beautiful and peaceful place you will find farm Elite. The owner Milen has been raising animals since 1994 and at the beginning starts with 20 goats and 120 sheep. During the years the number of the animals multiplies in numbers and in 2001 his farm is a home of 380 mother goats and 60 goatlings.

To continue his development his farm was faced at the necessity of improving the herds via inside selection or implementing pure and improved blood from abroad. Until that time the misfortunes were staying away from the farm but in the period between 2002 and 2005 a big part of the animals die because of diseases.

And so little by little and because of the events that occurred raising goats turned more into a hobby. Now he has less but only pure blooded animals.

The breed he raises is called WDE - white German noble goat that was introduced in Bulgaria years ago. Milen had the rare opportunity to choose his goats among a herd of 60 WDE goats and give anyone who likes to see for himself for the quality of his animals. The white German goat is a breed which is perfect for raising in Bulgaria. It has strong and grounded body that is suitable for steep and flat regions, the colour of the fur is white beats off the sunlight.

By taking everyday care for his animals Milen enjoys the bigger than average amounts of goat milk he gets during the milking season. He uses the milk to prepare milk products such as cheese, yellow cheese, butter and curd. He likes to share what he has produced and gives everyone the chance to try this delicacy.