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Mission London


We are proud to announce our team is now on the move, conquering new lands, overcoming new heights. After some extensive research and preparation, we are ready to launch in London! The team is now divided between the two location, but the enthusiasm is more than doubled, so no worries, we’ll keep on doing our best wherever we are. We hope you wish us luck, although we sure know a little something about connecting farmers with the people of the city. And how different could that be in the UK. And then again, we will be getting the best of advice from the best of mentors. Not only this -  as part of the Seedcamp accelerator, much will change for us, as we will have the opportunity to stay in touch with some of the most successful start-ups out there, exchange experience, and learn a lot from each other. It can’t get any better, and we promise to try to get the best out of living in a dynamic set-up like this. It is no secret that networking is king, and we’ll network it out.

We always stay true to the the local principle. Thus, so very unfortunately, we won’t be introducing lutenitsa to the English consumers, and we won’t be bring any English goodies back to Bulgaria. At least for now, sustainable means local and not so large scale. Yet, launching elsewhere doesn’t go without perks, as our idea grows with us. More people will learn about the importance of making the right, that is, the green decision, and more and more farmers will find support.

So hey, world, farmhopping is out there, who knows where we’ll go next!