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Month of Wine


We dedicate this article to a new initiative of ours, one that we hope will turn into a tradition. Every first week of the month, we will introduce the “product of the month” aiming at getting the word out about a product that is suitable for the season. We plan to tell you its story, because we believe that it is crucial to know the origin of our food. That is because, well, we are what we eat. You might not think food is representative of your religious, cultural, and ethical beliefs, or crucial for the wellbeing of our beloved planet Earth. Yet, you could hardly argueqq that what enters your body has an effect on its health. So given that somewhat important aspect of food’s role in our lives, we will thoroughly, sincerely, and wholeheartedly tell you the stories of our products, one by one, month after month. And since just the story doesn’t suffice and cannot be tasted, if you follow the precise instructions, we will give you a slice of the month’s featured product.

We proudly announce September as the month of red wine. How come? First of all, parts of the team are preparing to harvest the grapes during this month, and second, the rest of the team is enjoying the veal from The Wild Farm precisely with red wine. The product is a young wine from Gramada, a tasty bouquet of melnik 55, cabernet and merlot. We will tell no more, the entire story will be in your first September delivery, hopefully as soon as this Thursday, 04.09. Last hint: Miki from Gramada prepares only real honey, real wine and real vegetables - with much love, just as his grandfather taught him.