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Musala Soft - the first corporate co-op


Our first meeting with Stefka from Musala Soft was in the Interpred cafe. Musala Soft was the first company we called to present our pilot project for creating your own corporate cooperative. And Stefka was the person who was responsible for all the “free-elective” activities of the company.

Start up corporation


Even though Musala Soft is a leading software company with international glory when you walk down the halls of their office at Interpred you don’t feel anything that would suggest that you get this kind of glory with lots of work and tired employees. The first thing you notice is that Musala Soft is not another boring corporation and their offices vibrate with young enthusiasts.

Even though we were quite nervous because we didn’t know what to expect. Our concept was new and we weren’t sure at all whether a well-founded company such as Musala Soft would have the time and desire to test our newborn initiative.

Our concerns disappeared the moment Stefka greeted us at the cafe. We were very pleasantly surprised by her energy and enthusiasm and of how easy-going she was.

She instantly stated her desire to become part of our initiative and support our idea. As she told us afterwards Musala Soft takes an active part in improving the quality of life of their employees and have a strong social policy. Along with many other responsibilities Stefka also took the quest to find a variety of interesting suggestions for her fellow coworkers. For its employees Musala Soft is constantly organising valuable events - from a healthy living lecture to sport event and educational courses. They take part in programmes connected with students practices such as  Manager for a day, An IT popularizing tour, School of Life. School of life and CofeIt - one of the oldest programming contests - is also one of their initiatives. The opportunity for Musala Soft to support the small producer and at the same time take care of it’s employees was welcome.

The first corporate cooperative


And so Musala Soft set the beginning of our corporate cooperatives. When we asked Stefka why did they decided to join the farmhopping platform she responded: “There is a lot of personal spirit in what farmhopping does besides the good food and the convenience to receive your products at your desk. And the idea that you can get your hand dirty by helping the hospitable farmers is very tempting. And you can also participate in preparing something by yourself.”

According to Stefka the fact that Musala Soft supported our project is the most natural thing: “ It is very important to express our gratitude to our body by feeding it with good food. :) And the small farms deserve to be stimulated to produce more and more delicious products.”

But for our team and the small farms their support means much more. Their support comes to show to our producers that the big companies are also there for them. And for us this set the beginning of our corporal expansion where more and more companies are joining our initiative.

And for the Musala Soft employees?

Stefka responds cheerfully: “Health! Is there anything more important than this.