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My farmhopping - easier, better, faster


After we dedicated the previous newsletter to the buying groups, this week we’ll pay more attention to the new functionalities of the website.


1.Login and registration via Facebook - the access to your farmhopping profile has never been easier. Now you can login to the website through your Facebook account. If the email you used for your farmhopping registration is the same as the one you used for facebook the system will recognise you and you will access your farmhopping profile with a single click.




2. Automatic membership in a buying group - if you are part of a closed cooperative you will no longer have to search for the food co-op link among the hundreds of other mails in your inbox. Just follow these simple steps:

- login your farmhopping profile or if you don’t have one now is the time to make one

- open the link of your co-op in your inbox

- You’re set! The system will remember you and next time you enter this private co-op you can do it from your My farmhopping page - in the menu on the left with your private cooperatives or you can go to the public page of the Buying groups and click on your co-op.


3. Request a membership

With time there will be more and more buying groups on the website and you will be able to choose the most suitable location for you. If this location is a private co-op you will have the option to Request membership for this co-op. Just click on the cooperative you’d like to enter and the application form will appear. Fill in your email, name and message and wait for the coordinator to approve your request.