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Natural decoration for Easter eggs


Easter is the most favourite holiday in the year for many reasons. One of them (and we believe it’s the strongest one) is the Easter eggs dyeing. We all remember how impatient we were to get all covered up in dye and make a real masterpiece, that even Michelangelo would envy us. Yes, we are little limited with the colours, but our motivation and will are endless. We are offering you couple of tricks to make your easter basket a real delight for the eye on the table!


1. Drawing with a candle



It’s probably the most popular and fun way to decorate an egg. Take a candle (choose the size you will be comfortable to draw with) and use your imagination. The thing is that the candle wax is pretty transparent so when you sink the egg into the dye in several minutes even you will be surprised to find out what have you drawn. The result is really cool.



2. Decorating with parsley or clover leaves


You can do this with all kinds of leaves, just choose an interesting shape and you will have a unique result. So you will need leaves, gauze, boiled eggs, and а thread. Place the leaf onto the gauze, then carefully place the egg. Make sure the egg is in a tight “pocket” and tie it up. Leave it in the dye for couple of minutes, then remove the gauze and the leaf. Underneath you will find a beautiful decoration on the egg.


3. Spotted eggs



Very simple and nice way to decorate the eggs in an untraditional way, especially if you want to do it quick and don’t have that much time. Just pour in 2-3 drops of oil in the dye. Nothing more. Stir well and place the eggs. The effect is colored eggs in spot shapes.


4. Using colourful napkins



Have you heard of the decoupage method? It is an awesome way to have brilliant Easter eggs.You will need beautiful napkins and a raw egg. You will use the egg as a natural glue, to cover the whole egg with the napkin. Spread the raw egg on top of the boiled one, place napkin on top of it and press gently to make sure it will hold and and there are no edges. Cut off the rest, cover it with the natural glue and let it dry.


There are so many ways to decorate Easter eggs - from dyeing with natural products, like onion, to trimming with decorative clay. All you need to do is let your imagination flow with no restrictions. And how are you going to decorate your eggs this year?