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Hello, hello, happy yet another beautiful summer day

We discussed taking really good care of your skin; applying only safe products and wearing clothes made of organic fabrics will keep it healthy and beautiful. Of course natural beauty is the one best thing to go for, but every now and then we all want to look absolutely fabulous, so what do we turn to then? Make up. So, the subject of green beauty would just somehow be unfinished if we don`t say a few words about how to be on the safe side with all the colorful jars you use to create your magic. First, let`s see what is in the conventional products. They all promise you positive results, but in the long run turn out to be extremely negative on your health. Here are five of the worst ingredients: Parabens: used as preservatives, they have been found in breast cancer tumors, contribute to skin aging and DNA damage Phthalates: they help the other agents dissolve; known to cause reproductive and developmental toxicity Triclosan: an antibacterial agent; it may interfere with hormones and increase incidence of almeries Propylene glycol: etergent, solvent, wetting agent, foaming agent and conditioning agent, continuous exposure to it may lead to headache, nausea, skin irritations Lead: a contaminant in over 650 products, it is a proven neurotoxin Again, these are just five of the tons harmful ingredients, so going for natural, home made make up seems like the only way to go, doesn`t it? And it doesn`t cost much, and it doesn`t take a lot of time, despite of what you might think. Here are some recipes to prove that: Foundation Use a base of arrowroot powder or cornstarch, slowly add cocoa powder and very finely ground cinnamon powder to get a shade matching your skin tone. Store in a jar and apply with a brush, as you would with conventional foundation. By adding more cocoa and cinnamon you will get a darker shade to be used as blush.


Eye shadows Ford brown shades use cocoa powder, for green – Spirulina, and for light ones, arrowroot.


 Eye liner

Mix half an ounce of coconut oil and cocoa butter and add half tsp of activated charcoal and there you have your wonderful black eyeliner.


Mascara Just mix a few drops of Aloe Vera gel with a couple drops Vitamin E and a pinch of activated charcoal, store in an old mascara container.


Lipstick Mix 1 tsp beeswax pastilles with 1 tsp Shea butter or Cocoa Butter and 1 tsp coconut oil, this is the base. Then add 1/8 tsp of beet root powder for red hues or ¼ tsp cocoa powder, pinch of cinnamon or turmeric for brown hues. There you go, dears, as promised – quick, easy, not costly at all, safe and natural make up. Shine on