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OreHHerO - for the children, the talents and the co-ops


Creating a food co-op not only you get free access to good food at the most suitable pick up location but you also get the chance to meet new and interesting people and learn more about what they do.


This is the case with Petya and OreHHerO. Our acquaintance started 2 months ago when she made her first order from the small farms. We had a pretty funny situation - after almost one hour and several phone calls we finally managed to find each other in the hard-to-find-a-parking-place area around betahaus.

So Petya started coming every week and one Friday afternoon as she was taking her products she told me more about the children center OreHHerO. I was really impressed by the idea itself, the positive energy that everyone put and the big motivation that everyone involved had invested in this children paradise.


OreHHerO is the place that every child would love to visit. It’s colorful, funny, warm, bright and the cherry on top - it has a special room called Marmalade. This is the place where your child will have the freedom to do everything. And by everything I mean from jumping around the whole space to artistic acts with paint on the walls. Of course all measures needed have been taken for the safety of the little ones and they enter this room with a special outfit so that they don’t have to worry they will get dirty. Petya and I joked that it would have been so great if there was a room like this in every office.



Of course the place itself is very important but the team is the most important thing because it’s the engine of OreHHerO. To take care of the children there is a teacher, a choreograph, sports instructor and a positive children psychologist each one a professional in his field.




And so one Friday the idea of the OreHHerO cooperative was born. I was very happy and thrilled to have the second public cooperative where every farmhopper who wants to join can choose from another suitable location. And for the parents this is an opportunity every Friday when they pick up their kids from the center they will also get their package with products from the small farms.

OreHHerO will officially open its doors on May 31st. We advise everyone who would like to see this incredible children center where kids will develop their talents to visit OreHHerO and see for himself the amazing atmosphere of this incredible place.