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Organic farm "The Island" - a cup of health


When was the last time you had a nice cup of natural tea? and I don’t mean the one from the supermarket, where you don’t know what is it there in the tea bag, but a Real one - from the field or the mountain? This kind of herbal elixir that combines taste, healthy and energizing effect  is really hard to find. Fortunately we found it for you - meet our new farm “The Island”. What they produce is herbs and tea, under the “Tronka” trade mark.

The farm is situated in the area The Island, near the city of Elhovo. The region is rich in sunlight, fruitful earth and fresh air.  They grow only herbs for teas, which are a great provider of health and energy in our everyday life.  You can find their products in small packages, under the trademark of “Tronka”. The farmers take care of their products manually, which is a guarantee there are no chemicals and enrichments added.


How was organic farm “The Island” born?



In 2004 the association of “Business center – Elhovo” started growing herb plants, according to the “Support the producers of herb and alternative agricultural products” project. The project was financed by the Kingdom of Norway and UNDP. The project gives sustainable precondition for biological agricultural development and especially raising medical plants in the region of Strandja – Sakar. In 2005 farm “The Island” is certificated as bio farm.

The name “Tronka” comes from a legend for the “Tronks”, saved for generations in the area of Strandja. Legend tells the story of tsar Peter’s traveling to Tsarigrad. During his travel he passed through the region of Strandjan-Sakar and was amazed by the beauty of the local maidens. Soon after that he began spreading all over the kingdom stories about those beautiful women, and how they were honored to stand by his throne. This is how the women got the name “Tronks”.

Also Tronki was the name people used to call the citizens of Yambol area. The land was given to khan Tervel, and his task was to protect the south part of Bulgaria in case of invasion, while the Bulgarian army from the north was preparing for a battle. The women from the region started wearing so called throne crowns and trains.

Another legend tells of how strong and brave men were gathered for the Trojan War. Only few men have survived and came back. They were called Trojans or Tronki.


You can find the great variety of the Tronka healing herbs and teas on farmhopping’s platform. Here are some of the most interesting combinations:

Bio tea “Happiness” – with common balm, mint, rose, chamomile, lavender


Bio tea “Eros” – sideritis and rose

Bio tea “Life” – thyme, garden tea, mint, chamomile, briar, common balm

Bio mix “Amber” – lavander, chamomile, common balm, rose

Bio mix “Trosnki tea” – mint, chamomile, briar, marigold

Give yourselves and your loved ones a cup, full of health, traditions, warmth and joy!