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Pioneer Farm: AlAnn Ranch


3alpacalogo We are a 90-acre family-run alpaca and mohair farm. We - shear, spin and card, knit and crochet and felt - our own animals for fiber. We milk our goats and hand-raise some kids so we can make cheeses. We also breed Muscovy ducks for eggs and meat. The ducks help the chickens keep the insect populations down to a maintainable level. We compost all our manure for use on pastures and for sale. We are working hard to improve our pastures, using Yeoman's' techniques, and sustainable practices at all times. We keep bees to pollinate our heirloom vegetables, grasses, pasturage and vines. angora Our mission is to breed healthy, genetically-diverse, fine-fibered alpacas and mohair goats, in a sustainable manner. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P9240169 We use pasture whenever possible to raise our animals. Their manure is composted and then spread with grass seed (same as hay fed to animals) on the pastures. The compost is also used in the garden we sell produce from at farmers markets. We use only absolutely necessary antibiotics and vaccines (required by state law), preferring natural herbal remedies whenever possible. Our animals are allowed to live like alpacas and goats, running together in small groups (herds). While they are friendly, they are not constantly harassed by humans and are allowed to be themselves. We also are beekeepers and harvest our own honey. Jazzy&me noreens-2 babyducks-(4) For the farmhoppers that are willing to visit us we have a private room with shared bath (one other room) upstairs in the house with the family. We have a large front porch everyone seems to enjoy (including us!) with a fantastic view of the San Francisco Peaks. P2050427 Maddie Pup 2091 P4290649 If you visit us we will serve you the freshest food we can find at any time of year. Often it is our own canned/preserved produce. We eat alpaca, goat, chicken, and duck raised on the farm, as well as store-bought. We enjoy grilling when the weather permits. We make our own wines on occasion and serve our own honey and cheeses when available. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On our farm we organize workshops on animal husbandry and care, crafting such as felting, 3-day workshops on felt hat making (like a good cowboy hat), canning and preserving food in the Fall, cheesemaking; dairying. You can have daily work experience with the alpacas and goats, dogs, chickens and ducks; adobe construction; wildlife (elk, deer, pronghorn antelope, cougar, prairie dog, javelina, coyote, fox, squirrels, jackrabbits and rabbits) and bird watching (bald eagles, osprey, Sandhill cranes, others), hiking, fishing, skiiing and tourist attractions close by (including Grand Canyon, Sedona, Watkins Lake and watershed).