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Pioneer Farm: Bee Happy - Gramada


Micky lives in the town of Kresna, in the Southwest of Bulgaria. Beekeeping has been in his family for generations, so naturally he kept the tradition and became an apiarist. Now he is taking care of the beeyard all by himself. And he doesn't seem to mind at all.


Micky`s beeyard is located at about 10 km from Kresna, at the foot of Pirin mountain. The area is extremely clean, rich with mountain herbs and many fruits – locust, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, wild rose, apples and pears, pine and oak trees, from which the bees gather the manna honey. IMG_2973 Micky is the perfect example of a man who truly loves his job. “Communicating with the bees relieves me from everyday tension”, he shares with a smile. IMG_3032 There are 37 bee hives and they produce about 500-1000 kilograms of aromatic herbal honey per year. This is what real honey looks like, just fresh out of the hive. IMG_2956 Times have not always been that good for Micky, though. In the past, the beeyard was often attacked by bears, which destroyed the hives and ate the honey. The problem was solved when he installed an electric fence and since then no unwanted guest dares to come near the bee hives. IMG_3041 Beekeeping however is not the only job that Micky has. He is also taking care of 2 acres of vineyards. From them he makes  about 1, 5 tons of wine, both white and red. His white type grapes are Misket while his red type grapes are Melnik 55, Caberne, Merlo. Just like with the bees, Mickey takes care of the vineyard all by himself,  including the wine making. He then stores the wine in the basement of his house, in four huge barrels. IMG_3068 Micky also has a big garden where he grows cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and all other kinds of fruits and vegetables you can think of. As a food aficionado Micky, of course, also grows a lot of spices. But don`t be fooled, it is not just plants that Mickey pays attention to as he devotes the same patience and dedication to the few pigs and 5-6 sheep that he takes care of. IMG_3055 It will not come as a surprise to say that Mickey is a radiant guy who finds pleasure and fulfillment in rural work. We sincerely hope to meet more and more people like him.