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Pioneer Farm: Ecoagrobio - A Man With Mission





At the most magical, east part of Rhodopa Mountain we found farm Ecoagrobio. Behind the complicated name is something very simple – one man’s dream. Living up in the mountain in a natural rhythm and surrounded by pristine beauty is what Georgi has wished for ever since he can remember. And here he is today, proud owner of a farm in the village of Chernichino. 5 In 2007 Georgi decided to take care of an endangered species, Rhodopa short-horned ox, the oldest aboriginal breed in Europe. For a few months he wandered the mountain looking for animals of this kind. It took a lot of time and efforts, but at the end he gathered a small herd. 6 Elena and Martha (above) are the first two cows of the new herd; Georgi found them and their calves, Boris and Zina, at the village of Gorski Izvor. 7

Boris before…


… and after.


Zina when Georgi found her at the village.


Zina today, resting in the shadow.



Until the end of 2007 Georgi gathered a total of 27 animals. It was a herd!


Every now and then the ground shakes from the thunderous passing of wild horses.


Georgi was the first one in this area to start removing the unwanted vegetation.


This is how the same pasture looks after the job is done.


The herd now counts about 80 animals. Unfortunately very often oxes fall a prey to the wolves living in the area.


This is the kindergarten :)


Georgi has many plans for the future of this blessed with huge biodiversity land. He wants to have more herds, of Karakachan and Middlerodopian sheep and Kalofer goat, of course traditionally guarded by Karakachan and shepherd dogs. 23 The pasturing animals maintain the land in good condition and therefore the existence of ground squirrels, which are essential to reintroduction of king eagle and hunting falcon, leading to restoration of eco-balance. 26 Another idea Georgi has is creating a botanical garden, something he has over 20 years of experience in. His old garden is at Liulin village, at about 4 decares. The new one he wants will be at Bryagovetc village, with the impressive size of  65.702 decares. Like the magical Rhodopa mountain, this place is also chosen carefully and is truly special - the area is abundant in archeological monuments, literally at every hill there are traces of Thracian sanctuaries. It will be a garden with traditional Bulgarian varieties of fruit trees. By working with some of the best experts, Georgi will make sure he takes the most valuable varieties and thus continue his mission of preserving as much of Bulgarian nature as he can.