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Pioneer Farm: The happy farm in Rhodopa Mountain


The happy farm in Rhodopa Mountain produces biohumus and red Californian worms. It is located near to Gornoslav village, on protected by Natura 2000 territories. It was created in April 2012 by us – Ruslana, Dimiter, Ivan.

Ruslana Dimiter Ivan I, Ruslana, used to be an IT, Dimiter was a journalist and Ivan – an engineer. We all gathered around the idea of living close to nature by starting a farm. The last few years we spent abroad and came back to Bulgaria convinced in what we have always known – going back to nature will help us grow as individuals and gain in health. We stand for environment conscious agriculture where poisonous chemicals are replaced by biological compost and the production is clean from any harmful contents. So this is why we started a farm with millions of our little friends – the worms. Still we haven`t named them all, we never have the time :)

Our farm, up close

The farm_close Biohumus advantages are: - It balances the natural content of micro and macro elements, also that of secondary elements - Has natural PH balance - Helps absorption of nutrients from the soil - Improves the humidity and aeration of the soil - Has high levels of organic carbon - Maintains the high levels of good bacteria - Supports production of eco-friendly products May be used as: Soil improver – suitable for wasted or sandy soils Mulch – protects the soil from drying, overheating or freezing Compost – increases the intensity of processes and stimulates production

Biohumus can also be used by everyone who wishes to grow vegetables and fruits or just dung their flowers naturally.

View to the farm and the village View to the farm

We are working on turning our house into a hostel for people who would like to come help on the farm or just to get away from their everyday routine by taking a hike on the eco-paths, visit Belintash or enjoy the beauty of reservoir “Sushica”.

View to reservoir “Sushica” and the horse riding base of the village Sushica