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Pioneer Farm: The Horse Riding Centre PlanaKon


base PlanaKon is a horse riding center located in the heart of Plana Mountain – in the Valley of Planstitsa River, only 35 km away from Sofia. Plana is a small Mountain at the foot of the bigger, Vitosha Mountain. The landscape of Plana is fascinating – it is covered by mixed forests and glades, showered with flowers and fresh grass. In the past the area was covered by century old beech forests but with time they have been lumbered and now only few of the giant trees have survived. The forests now are mostly composed of pines, white pines and birches. There is nothing to remind you of the city here. The landscape is covered with woods and glades. Instead of meeting  people on your walks you will encounter red deer, rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs, wild boars and birds… IMG_4391 My name is Vlado Pavlov and four years ago I and my partner Rumen Dimitrov bought 8 hectares of land in Plana Mountain. IMG_4412 It is here we have built our horse riding center in the pursuit of our dream to live closer to nature and to do what we love most – taking care of horses. IMG_4365 The work around PlanaKon started about 3 years ago with the main idea to train people with different levels of riding abilities, to set up a natural and deep relationship with this ancient, faithful and gorgeous friend of the man – THE HORSE. IMG_4360 Currently we have 23 horses and we offer horse riding lessons and vacations to our customers. The horses are well trained for both beginners first lessons in the arena, as well as for more advanced riders on various terrains with a lot of canter, gallop and jumping. IMG_4462 We have a beautiful lifestyle here and would love to share it with anyone who loves nature and horses. IMG_4476 It is a well-known fact that horse riding and the contact with the animals has a therapeutic effect on conditions such as autism and cerebral paralysis. Communicating with these precious animals is an amazing experience and besides being good fitness for the body it is also a great stress relief. IMG_4469 We have a beautiful lifestyle here and would love to share it with anyone who loves nature and horses. Your support will be used to cover the operational expenses of the PlanaKon center and to ensure future development of our horse activities always directed to wellbeing of our horses and the riders. IMG_4349 Join us and become part of our horse ranch and the people who have discovered this beautiful sport, horse riding. IMG_4502 You are always welcome! Blog post by Vlado Pavlov