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PostEaster recipes


Hey friends!

Holidays are a wonderful thing - you meet your friends and family, have more time to yourself and spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen preparing those delicious dishes your family loves. You have dyed your eggs in such an amazing way (the whole 30 of them). Yes, it was a lot of fun to be covered in paint while bringing into life every creative idea that came to your mind but now you are left with 15 eggs and two Easter cakes and you have to somehow find their place in the weekly menu. No panic, we are here to help you!

Here are some pretty nice and delicious ideas for your almost one-week old eggs and your slightly dry cake.

Eggs stuffed with mustard


What you’ll need:

4 eggs

1 t.s. dijon mustard

1 t.s. soy sauce

black pepper

red pepper




How to prepare it:

Of course you will use your already boiled Easter eggs. Carefully peel the eggs and cut them in half. Separate the yolks from the whites and put them in a bowl, mash them with a fork and add all the other ingredients. Stir together until you get a smooth mix. Arrange the white halves in a nice plate and fill them with the yolk mixture. Garnish with chopped green onions.


Izvor salad


What you'll need:

3 boiled eggs

120 gr. leek

20 pit olives



2 t.s. apple vinegar

2 t.s. olive oil

How to prepare it:

Chop the eggs (you can also grind them on a big grater), the onion and the olives. Put them in a bowl and add the apple vinegar and the olive oil as well as the savory. Stir well until you get a nice smooth mixture. Leave the salad to rest for a couple of hours so that all the ingredients mix their flavors. Serve with your favorite drink.


Souffle with old Easter cake


What you’ll need:

4 pieces of old Easter cake

2 eggs

4 t.s. sugar

350 ml. milk

200 g. strained yogurt - for the frosting

chocolate chips


How to prepare it:

Mix together the eggs, the milk and the sugar using a mixer. Chop the Easter cake into small pieces. Add the Easter cake crumbs to the milk and stir well. After that put the whole mixture into souffle bowls and bake in a preheated oven at 180 C (with a ventilator) on a water bath. Bake until the souffle starts to rise a bit. When it cools down carefully separate the dessert from the bowls using a knife and turn it over in a plate. Decorate with the strained yogurt, cream, chocolate chips, nuts and pretty much everything that seems appropriate to you.