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Reconnect With Nature For The Sake Of Your Children


Since the days of Henry Thoreau, we have always had a yearning to reconnect with nature. Unfortunately it is sometimes difficult because we mostly live in urban settings that are concrete jungles. Farm life is an opportunity for us to return to nature and introduce our children to the wonders of nature.

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Returning to nature gives us the chance to embrace the benefits of nature that include peace of mind, inspiration, and an overall balance of life. Whether you create an urban garden or spend time on a animal farm, the peace you'll feel from cultivating natural beauty is overwhelming. It's kind of peace of that strengthens your inner being.

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Farm life inspires us with adventures in growing things. In planting an urban garden we see it as a process of tilling the land, sowing the seed, and reaping the rewards of our labor. This is a good introduction for our children to the adventure of the life process.

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They will quickly learn that with hard work, they can cultivate something that is worthwhile and has extreme value to them. It's this hard work that will strengthen them for the future. It'll be a future that is rich in knowledge of nature.

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I remember as a child gaining knowledge of the paradoxes of life from cultivating tomato and cucumber plants in my backyard. Rains came and went, but the tomato and cucumber plants thrived and produced delicious vegetables for me and my family. Similarly, our lives thrive during the rainy days just like the tomato and cucumber plants .

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The rainy days make me stronger so that I may thrive. My early exposure to nature helped me realize this. Your children will gain the same perspective when they encounter nature early in life. As a result, they will mature into well balanced adults. The peace and balance farm life brings to our lives allows us to express ourselves more creatively. Growing a tomato plant may inspire you to start cooking your own pasta sauce. If you're in sales, it may help you see how relationship building is a process similar to growing that tomato plant.

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Finally, when we reconnect with nature, we bring a peace and tranquility to ourselves. It's a peace that can be spread through our families and onto our children. In turn, this peace is transferred to the world and the world becomes more sustainable. Voila!