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Recycling: what else?


Hello, hello, dears :)

Today I wanna tell you a bit about recycling. I shall not bother you with things you already know or any of the common sense stuff usually found in articles on the subject. Instead, let`s talk how you could help the environment by recycling things you didn`t know could be recycled. Here is a list of some I bet you never thought of:

Athletic shoes


Nike takes care of that with their Reuse-A-Shoe program. Trash your old shoes into one of their bins and Nike will turn them into raw material called Nike Grind, which then could be used for producing running tracks, shoe soles, zippers and many, many other things.


recycle-bycicle- farmhopping-blog

Your good old two-wheeled friend can have a second life, too. Bikes of the World collects, fixes, if needed, and donates bikes to people who need them: with lower income or to institutions in developing countries.

Bike tools and gear

While on the subject of cycling, there is more than just the bikes themselves. Tools, bits, pieces and gear can also be recycled. Bikes Not Bombs is the name of the organization that turns your bike garbage into someone else`s gold experience: they collect worn tires, broken frames, helmets, pumps, lights, locks, clothing… and restore the bikes and donate them to people in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


After a - maybe not, one hot night is all it takes :) - long and dedicated life it`s time for your favorite bra to go. The Bosom Buddy Program will take it, spruce it up and then donate the revived bras to women`s shelters.

Fluorescent light bulbs


While everyone know where the regular bulb should go, people are often confused when it comes to fluorescents. Ikea and Home Depot are here to help – they both have recycling programs for your bulbs.


120, 000 crayons are produced every day only in the US only. So it`s a very, very good thing that the National Crayon Recycle Program exists – they collect and recycle the used crayons turning them into new ones.


Made of enduring material, they could stay around for a good while. But the company who produces them has also created a special program for recycling them – Crocs Cares is its name and they recycle used Crocs into new shoes which are then donated to families who need them.


Again, there is a programs et to collect and donate to underprivileged people. This is the Lions Recycle for Sight program, who sorts the old eyeglasses by prescription and distributes them to developing countries.

Packing peanuts


Although we all just love them, the environment hates them – they fail to biodegrade. But nowadays shipping companies  take them back, so here you can find a suitable locations to get rid of them:


Yes, there is a program out there to take care of your old nylons, tights or knee-highs. The No Nonsense legwear company recycles them and produces a material used in anchor rope, park benches, carpets.