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Happy Wednesday! It`s the middle of the working week, hard to believe, feels like it just started and now it`s half gone. When I think about time not flying, but literally sonic-ing, I usually get a little bit depressed. Realizing how many things you never did, is how to say, a bit repressing.  And since I most definitely do not feel like getting depressed today, only one solution comes to mind: don`t sit and think about what you can`t change, think about what you can. Which, logically, is the future, not the past. Starting with my little world, of course. So I decided to come up with a neat list of what I`m determined to do in order to proudly call myself a responsible person. In today`s world that means sustainable lifestyle, so here you go:

•    When going to the market, ask every time where the produce is from. Buy locally, instagram globally. •    Dig up a book I know I have, on green living, and try cleaning the house with natural-based detergents. You ever read the ingredients` list on any of those evil chemistry bottles we`re all using? Some scary names there. •    No more using ten glasses for drinking water in the office. I can manage with just one, taking the other nine is only because I`m way too lazy to bring the first one to the kitchen and it`s so much easier to just grab a clean one from the rack. •    That`s a hard one for me… I will clean up my wardrobe. Will go through ALL the clothes, select only those I do wear. I will not throw away the rest, but donate them. •    Will find a tailor in the neighborhood and start bringing my damaged clothing and accessories for repair instead of just throwing them away. •    Think twice, order once. In other words, stop ordering quantities of pizza for five people when it`s just the two of us. God, we`re greedy! •    Take better care of my flowers. Nine out of ten died for less than five months living together.

•    While on it, go that extra mile and finally start a garden in the front yard. Nothing fancy, a few herbs and maybe tomatoes are an excellent start.

•    Be more persistent in applying Green Office practices. Not like up til now just passively hinting during staff meetings how much cooler we would be if we didn`t print out every time like it`s the last time we have access to a printer. •    Finish stuff. Stop starting, in other words. I`m terrible in maintaining my initial enthusiasm in the long, I truly am. But sustainable lifestyle practices require dedication. Last but not the least: Actually follow my own advice :)