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Rossi Mitova: Let's bring the power of crowdfunding to the small farm


We live in a hectic world. A world of comprised of businesses, trading and mass production. In a society defined by consumerism the decision we have to take is ‘To have or to Be?’ Not long ago, I had to make this decision. As a graduate with a financial degree from Cass Business School in London my future was apparently predetermined: I was to start my career in the financial world where seemingly endless 100 hour working weeks in the city awaited me. On one of my visits home to Bulgaria, a friend of mine took me to a small farm in the mountains. Experiencing the mountains and being around animals made me feel exceptionally close to nature. I made my choice then and there: I left my corporate future behind and I took the road less travelled. I do realize this is not a decision that everyone can take, and this is what inspired farmhopping. We wanted to allow people around the world to be part of this amazing lifestyle without having to choose. With farmhopping we want to bridge the gap between farms and the city people who are interested in sustainable farming. People can be again part of the farm’s life. Our structure of ‘Collaborative Consumption’ solves two of the main problems faced by farms: finding and reaching their customers, and securing finances. Because guess what? Small farms struggle to survive! As factory farms push aside small farms, they are also pushing aside the traditions that encouraged people to take care of the land, and that once helped to build and support small local farm communities. The question of: ‘Where does the food on our table come from?’ bothers a majority of us less and less frequently in modern times. People have neglected the true meaning of farming and have forgotten exactly how important it is. What used to be a great part of our lives is now struggling for its own survival. We invest time and resources to learn all types of skills, but have forgotten the most fundamental of all of them - farming! My friend knew exactly how hard it was for a small farm to take care for its land and animals. This prompted him to sponsor a sheep in that farm and cover all its living expenses. Seeing how only a little support could change things we realized that nothing was lost if we just brought the power back to the people! But in order to succeed we will need your help and support. So don't be shy and let us know what you think and how we can improve. Ask us questions. Get involved so we know we are on the right track!