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Rossi Mitova On Collaborative Farming At The ORFC 2013


You have all probably heard of the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) - an annual conference, where every January for the past 60 years Britain’s agricultural Establishment – industry, government, and the NFU – have presented their views on the state of Britain’s farming and their plans for the future. However, probably few of you have heard about the Oxford Real Farming Conference

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The aim of the Oxford Real Farming Conference is to encourage and stimulate fresh thinking on the greatest challenge of our time - providing the people of the world with a dependable supply of healthy nutritious foods. Like us, the team behind the Oxford Real Farming Conference doesn't believe that today’s high-input, industrial agriculture is the solution. And whereas the Oxford Farming Conference hosts discussions on topics such as “Developing the right genetic stock for a different future” and receptions sponsored by McDonald's, the Oxford Real Farming Conference is the place where farmers can discuss topics that really matter: good food; a secure and beautiful countryside; plenty of satisfying jobs. And instead of offering receptions sponsored by McDonald's, the organisers offer local organic food to their guests and speakers.

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So, inspired by this event and its cause, I have decided to attend the conference in January 2013, when in addition to a day on farming practice (which I admit is not one of my strengths), the organisers are throwing the conference open to farmers and other people and organisations who are doing things differently. Because at farmhopping we do things differently and because we also believe that the people of the world are entitled to the best foods our land can provide. farmhopping is hosting a talk at the ORFC on January 4th, 2013.


Our talk will introduce farmhopping as a model in more detail and use some case studies from our Pioneer Farms to illustrate how they hope to use farmhopping to confront the challenges they face.  I will be there to answer any questions regarding the platform. You can read more about our session here. I am really excited because this is the first time I will be part of an open discussion with farmers and potential farmhoppers alike, where I can hear their opinion about our platform and how we can improve it. So if you haven’t bought tickets for the Oxford Real Farming Conference yet hurry to do that now:  You will be asked to choose which talks you would like to attend so if you want to come and brainstorm with me  make sure you indicate your interest.

Merry Christmas and see you all really soon.