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Hey, guys, Happy Monday :) It took me a long time to realize why it took me such a long time :) to write about this contest. Finally, it is all clear. I was somehow missing not exactly the point, but what the article should be focused on. Just stating the fact that Rossi won at a skiing competition seemed kinda like… well, bragging about the victory.


But, actually, no. Winning is a wonderful thing. And sharing the good news is what must be done.  Especially when it comes to extreme sports. Because every second spent practicing one is a valuable lesson. Going extreme means stepping out of your comfort zone. And so is our little venture here. Stepping out of a comfort zone. Ours, yours, theirs.  Helping the world become a better place always is.


I can`t help but find many parallels between the competition and what we are trying to create with farmhopping. Not even mentioning the terribly suitable name of the competition, Mad Goat!


They are both one step at a time initiations. Never giving up. Learning to fall first. After that learning how to fall better next time.


And it did take a lot of falling. But if you manage staying focused on why you got into this in the first place, it`s all worth it. The contest was remarkable, not only because Bulgaria was hosting a qualifier event for the Freeride World Tour (FWT) – the world tour for skiing and snowboarding in deep snow in big-mountain terrains – for the very first time. Here we go again with the parallel – farmhopping also is something happening for the first time. But not only in Bulgaria, worldwide :) Back to the competiton, the Mad Goat Ride 2013 happened in Bansko, from the 1st to the 3rd of March. Jointly organized by BEFSA (Bulgarian Extreme and Freeskiing Association) and Concept Creative, the competition was held on the north face of Todorka Peak,  considered one of Bulgaria`s most interesting freeride destinations because of its steep, fearsome slope. Starting a project based on crowd sourcing, when it comes to sustainable farming, is also quite a freeride in the business world :) Each descent was scored by a group of of 3 judges and the run of every competitor was judged according to several criteria – difficulty of the line of descent, aggression, continuity, technique and control.


And the judges of farmhopping are you. Each and every one of you, fellas. I believe we still don`t know the exact criteria our project will be judged to. But what we do know is that we will never stop trying to improve. Just like Rossi does at each competiton.