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Share the Story of Your Bag


       We don’t know whether you remember, but last week we talked about shared economy. We planned the topic to be a continuous part of our discussion with you, and this week, we are way more concrete and practical in our advice. We want to give you an example of an actual way in which you can contribute to a better system. If you have collected an order recently, you couldn’t have missed the cute green bad in which you got it. We know how much you liked it, and we are very glad indeed that you took it hiking, sun tanning, dancing, working, (or simply for a beer or two!). These new accessories of yours for sure are a great addition to your summer wardrobe and lifestyle, and definitely help you stand out in the crowd that still goes around with those terrible plastic bags. We want our bags to get to know the city, the country, or better yet, to take a trip abroad. We even encourage you to send us some proof of your shared trips under the form of pictures. The idea is that every bag earns its own story, becoming your travel companion and а farmers’ ambassador at the same time. Without putting much thought into it, Militsa took of for the seaside with hers, starting what we hope will turn into a series. So lets see where you take it!

       In order for each bag to take the most out of the experience, and also in order to close the loop (because a shared economy is a closed loop economy), we kindly ask you to return that bag on Thursday, together with all the places and kilometers it got to see during its week with you. You shouldn’t worry – the scheme goes “empty for filled”, and in exchange for the experienced bag you brought, we will recharge you with a new one, filled with fresh goodies. You shouldn’t worry about washing your bag either - we will take care of that for you, so that only the good memories remain.

       And so it goes, week after week. And from a Thursday to Thursday, the bag’s fate is in your hands, so take good care!