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suSAINTability Valentine


Yes, today is the day. Millions and billions of people suddenly remember it’s time to manifest their love. Like as if there is no such need (for themselves or their better halves) during the rest of the year. The rest here is the humble number 364. Oh, excuse me, at Christmas we also love each other and openly claim it. So, 363 days This practice we greatly disapprove of. But what we disapprove of even more is the fact that each year the world goes crazy on gifts. Gifts no one needs. Pretty much all of them so harmful to the environment, don`t even want to think about it. And on top of the gifts themselves, the wrapping. Another who-knows-how-much tones of trash. When it is so easy to give a green gift and your lover will know you care not just for them, but also for the future. Which always triggers the even-more-romantic mood.

shutterstock_37284274 So here are some ideas:

shutterstock_21914281 •    Instead of going to a super fancy restaurant, save some expenses to yourself and the environment and have a candlelit dinner instead. Of course, buy the food from a local producer. •    Reuse old candles by melting the remains and creating new ones. •    Invest time in creating a unique piece of art, not just buying what thousand other people will. Recycled metal pieces and natural stones can make such a beautiful, non-plastic gift. •    If you absolutely must buy a piece of clothing, let it be at least one made of organic material. •    Make the decorations yourself – imagine how lovely your house will look, decorated with paper hearts. It won`t take you that long and the impression of going that extra mile will last forever. •    Why wasting money on a ”special” card someone else thought of, and then multiplied by millions? Buy simple white napkins for the table and write your love message on them. •    Weather permitting, but highly recommended. Do you really feel like driving across the city, just to get to another crowded place? Why not invite your lover to a nice, long walk in the park? No pollution for the nature, exercise for you two, relaxation after a hard day at the office (no, they don`t care it`s a holiday), a win-win! shutterstock_74236150