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5 Ideas For a Special Easter


So the holidays are almost here, huh? What we usually do when we have many days-off lined one after the other is to succumb to our escalating levels of laziness and spent all of our free time eating and…

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Glad tidings on the Feast of Annunciation


One of the brightest holidays celebrated exactly nine months before the Birth of Christ. Legend relates that on the 25th day of March , the Archangel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary for the birth of the Savior. She was blessed among women and she was destined to be the mother of the God's son. That is why this day is also a celebration of the mother. Image by I admit I didn't  know much about this holiday until recently , but it appears that…

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Here we go, as promised, continuing the series about St. George`s Day. After on Monday telling you about traditional Bulgarian customs, today`s post is about how St. George`s Day is celebrated in some parts of the world. As you might remember, the holiday is celebrated by various Christian churches; depending on which calendar they follow it is either on the 23rd of April for Gregorian or on the 6th of May for Julian. Countries that celebrate St George's Day include England, Canada, Croatia,…

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Saint George the Dragon Slayer


Hey, guys :) After - hopefully not- boring you with the Easter series for the whole of last week, today`s post is about St. George`s. Here in Bulgaria those two holidays, Easter and St. George Day are somehow perceived as go-together; or at least in my mind they are. Especially this year, when Easter is so unusually late in the year, on May 5th, and St. George Day is, no surprises here, on the very next day, the 6th. The feast day of Saint George is celebrated by various Christian churches – 23rd of…

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Hi, dears, here is the promised third post on Easter, this time I wanna tell you how people around the world celebrate what is considered the biggest Christian holiday. And no, by celebrating I do not mean diving into the consumerist waves and buying tons of chocolate eggs, bunnies, chickens; sending out greeting cards; or in other way contribute to wasting the environment :) I mean customs passed from generation to generation. We all know about egg decorating and so on, but and here are some customs you…

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Hello, hello and Happy Thursday! I can only wish you the bright, sunny day we are having here at humble Sofia, Bulgaria. But it was about time, after all that rain and freezing cold wind, Jesus. Ooops. Shouldn`t have done that, mentioning His name in vain. But people so often do so, sometimes I think, maybe some of them do not even know the story of His life as told by the Bible… to be honest, I won`t  be that surprised if it turns out I`m right. So since orthodox Easter is coming this next…

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WHO celebrates World Health Day?


Yeah, really, who does? Leave aside the fact that WHO is the abbreviation of World Health Organization, more important question is who amongst us celebrates this day. The calendar is full of days we name in a certain way and therefore everyone is expected to honor the respective aspect. In that precise day. Here we go, just a few examples, off the top of my head: St. Valentine`s: show your love Christmas: remember you have family and they like spending time with you Easter: celebrate Christ`s…

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THE STORY OF BABA MARTA: An ancient Bulgarian tradition for health and luck


When I was little I couldn`t wait for February to be over (no St. Valentine celebrations for me back then :) and “martenitsa” day to arrive.  Because on that day the world around me become so much more colorful and bright. Instead of with predominantly black and grey – this is what they wear here in the winter – the streets were full of people decorated with red and white. My mum used to dress me up with white leggings and a red tunic. God, it was sooo long ago! But even now I remember it vividly, the…

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Infographic: The Evolution of Christmas Over the Centuries


Follow the evolution of Christmas holiday from solstice celebration to family feast. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season! Image credit:

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